Our COVID19 measurements

Isla Canela Tours / HOMA RENTALS as managers of tourist apartments we are part of a sector affected by the current situation of the coronavirus. Since the start of the state of alarm, we have wanted to send messages of tranquility and confidence to our guests and owners. Cancellations with a penalty have received bonuses to enjoy our accommodation at another time of the year and for all new and existing reservations a more flexible cancellation policy has been created. All our guests can cancel free of charge up to 15 days before their arrival. For those who want more security, we still offer cancellation insurance that allows you to cancel at any time, duly justified. We are aware that cleaning and disinfecting our apartments is now more important than ever. That is why with the help of, a company specialized in the organization of professional cleaning, we have formed our cleaning team so as not to miss even the smallest details. Our cleanings include OZONE disinfection with special attention to surfaces such as controls, knobs, door handles etc… Also cleaning materials such as our uniforms are disinfected daily. We want to give you the maximum possible tranquility when staying with us.

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